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About Well Now Services

Well Now Services utilizes wisdom and experience primarily from Ayurveda and Yoga as the foundtation of all consultations. Supported additionally by Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology), Reiki (Energy Healing) and Sound Healing environments.

We offer Group and Private Yoga instruction. The private Yoga sessions can be tailored to your individual constitution focusing on balancing your Ayurvedic Constitution (Prakruti). They can also be simply a private experience of a Power Vinyasa class, which is the style of Yoga the group classes are conducted in.

Ayurvedic consultations entail an assessment of the whole being. Detailing personal history, and expanding into the present state. Ayurveda understands each individual has a unique, individual constitution. This is refered to as the "Baseline Constitution" or "prakruti". This state is constantly in flux, shifting in and out of balance. This "Imbalanced state" is described as "vikruti". Our work together will be to discover what is your ideal state, and how to best manage the lifestyle through coaching, education, and lifestyle suggestions in order to manage these imbalances. Ayurveda also utilizes a number of therapies, externam Basti treatments, and Marma Therapy (similar to accupressure massage.) which may be utilized.

Suggestions will inform the individual the effect of certain foods, beverages, activities, and habits on the individual. They could include yoga poses, breathing exercises (pranayama), types of tea to favor, adjusting the sleep schedule, types of meditations, or even rituals suggested by the astrological chart if desired.

Reiki (霊気) is translated into two parts. Rei: meaning soul, or spirit, and ki, vital energy. It is also described as "Universal Light". This work can be performed locally or distantly.

Sound Healing: We also offer sound healing recordings and environments which are available to stream or purchase. A sound healing environment can be set up for local Reiki and or Marma sessions and combined to create a more immersive and multidimensional experience. These recordings are wonderful for meditation, reading, relaxation, and even to listen to doing tasks around the home. It is a wonderful way to attract the mind to the present moment, providing a space for clarity to unfold.

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