Well Now Services


Our primary focus in work is individual consultations. One will receive a multidisciplinary perspective of these holistic methods to uncover one's wellness. Depending on where you are as an individual, and what you seek, the recommendations may emphasize one particular area of our offerings more than another. Below is a brief description of services Well Now provides.

Please contact me for more details or questions about any of the following services.

Individual Ayurvedic Consultations

Ayurveda looks at the individual as completely unique. In order to get a complete picture, initial consultations are one hour and thirty minutes long (90 minutes). This entails in depth questioning of personal history, diet, lifestyle, and individual habits. Upon booking, a basic questionnaire will be provided to be completed. If conducted over a Video call, a photograph of finger nails, tongue, and face will be requested. All sessiosn are private and confidential unless you invite a friend or family member to observe.

Initial consultations: $135, $81 Student rate
Ongoing counsultaitons Basic (Approx. 30 min:) $81, Full (Approx. 60 min) $108
The most substantial results are achieved through weekly sessions

Packages of sessions may be purchased in advance at a discounted rate

Reiki Energy Healing Session

Reiki sessions can be conducted in person, with or without touch. They can also be conducted distantly, with or without meditative guidance. Sessions conducted in person can be conducted with optional sound healing experience.
30 minutes: $69 - 60 minutes: $108

Ayurveda Workshops and Education

I believe strongly in educating people to learn about their own experience and how they relate to the world. I am experienced with leading entire weekend workshop event of 3-5 days including Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurvedic Lecture sessions with question and answer discourse. I have experience leading several teacher training weekend intensive training modules covering Yoga, Ayurveda, Hindu and Yoga Philosophy, and basic Sanskrit. I can also provide shorter 1.5-2.5 hour Introduction to Ayurveda talks.
Please contact me for details!

Group, Private, and Corporate Yoga Lessons

A Yoga practice is a wonderful way to strengthen and invigorate the body, clear the mind, and provide balanced fitness for one's day. Well Now can provide a wide variety of practices based on the needs of a group.

Whether you are an individual, group of friends, business or corporation, I can cater to your specific needs. Please contact me directly with your request and pricing.